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Futur en Seine
SociableMedia proposes 3 round tables
June 2014

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SociableMedia organizes three round-tables this coming June at Futur en Seine festival, in Paris nzb 다운로드.
Three topics, in relation with three research focus of our lab, will be discussed. See the detail below for each event.


What Download Ubuntu ssh?
This event brings together people from the plural community of design to identify how designers get involved in the transformation of knowledge transmission and to define their issues, their methods and their tools Download Windows 10 Redstone 4.
Why ?
The community of designers has an important role to play in redesigning the learning experience, because design can act on two levels: learning environments and the transformation of learning methods Download the self-introduction form.
How ?
The discussion will rely on projects and testimonies from Eliumstudio, le collège des designers, François Taddei and the CRI , Brigitte Flamand, Annick Lantenois, le CNAP, the Paragraphe laboratory (Paris 8), the association Idées d’Après, l’IRI and students from EnsadLab / Ensad 히트 게임.
We will discuss the following tracks :
– Consequences of the digital environment
– Learning by doing
– Identifying a community and conducting a systematic research
Audience Download Elephant Song?
For all. The public is invited to participate and interact with the guests.
Where & when ?
EnsAD 31 Rue Ulm, 75005 Paris / 16th of June, 18-20pm
This event is carried by l’EnSad 트리바고.

Link of the event

Design research and creation

What Joystick?
At a key moment where designs schools are developing a research through design activity, the question of the relationship between design, research and creation are at the core of the debate Download ksp.
How ?
Remy Bourganel, SociableMedia program, EnsadLab, with Emmanuel Mahé, research director, Ensad; Annie Gentes, professor, Telecom Paris; Catherine Saracco, research director, Ensci; Stéphane Vial, assistant professor, Nîmes University; Frédérique Pain, research director, Strate; Samuel Bianchini, artiste, professor/researcher, EnsadLab Reflective Interactions; Giuseppe Attoma, CEO, Attoma; Thomas Landrain, founder, La Paillasse bio-hacking space will discuss about the bridges between practitioners, researchers, creators-explorers within schools and companies Oracle jdk 1.7. They will debate also about how to integrate research through design artefacts in a history, as well as the relevant collective evaluation, respectful of the cultural diversity.

Audience ?
Student, researcher or practitioner in design, interested in the domain of research through design or researchers and practitioners form other disciplines, interested in the question of research through design, and possible collaborations in research programs.
Where & when ?
EnsAD 31 Rue Ulm, 75005 Paris / 17th of June, 18-20pm
This event is carried by l’EnSAD in partenership with Ensci, Strate, Telecom Paris, La paillasse, PSA, Atoma and Nîmes University.

Link of the event

Design digital editions

What ?
This round-table proposes a discussion around designers’s projects of digital editions. Various actors of this field will have the occasion to share their processes of conception, and the way they develop forms that are not entirely of the web, not entirely of the “object-book”.
It will allow to share reflections about the future of digital editions and the role design has to play in this field.
Audience ?
Students, designers…
Where & when ?
EnsAD 31 rue Ulm, 75005 Paris / 18th of June, 18-20pm
This event is carried by l’EnSAD.

link of the event