The SociableMedia program explores contexts and approaches for interaction design in relation to the social, cultural and ethical impact of existing and emerging digital technologies.
We contribute to research aiming for re-arrange the relationship quality between people and their environment. We are particularly interested in the development of people’s creativity, autonomy and empathy through augmenting their perception, expression and reflexivity potential through play.
Our design research practice is ‘reflexive’ (Schön, D., 1984). We position our design research activity as exploratory design research (Fallman, D., 2008). Through this practice our projects follow various trajectories and can produce knowledge about the practice (Findeli, F., Questions hypothèses et conjectures, DRN, Berlin). Constructivists, we produce intermediary artefacts and concepts, exploiting the phenomenological (1) and diachronic qualities of the digital. We are exploring imaginary territories and value system thinking.
SociableMedia researchers alumni work for multinational corporations, design consultancies, industrial research labs of found their own studio. We offer a multidisciplinary environment through inter-EnsadLab programs, within PSL, and with our partners Telecom ParisTech, CEAQ, CRI, Inria, MIT MediaLab (through individual contributions, workshop, conference). We offer opportunities for collaboration with the industry and leaders in our partner disciplines.

(1) Phénoménologie de la matière calculée, La structure de la révolution numérique, Stéphane Vial

Our research covers


  • New media,
  • System and behaviour (interface/sensor/algorithm, stimulation/engagement).

Concepts, epistemology

  • Critical analysis of publications about history+practices of research and design,
  • Concepts+methods from sociology, cognitive sciences, anthropology, info-com.

Tools and methods

  • Design of tools for exploration, evaluation, valorisation of our research.


  • What sustainable technology can be utilised to improve the social environment?


Application domains

  • Health + wellbeing,
  • Learning + knowledge (tools /co-learning, knowledge-sharing),
  • Open tools for creation (including digital publishing),
  • Inter-personal communication and sociable media,
  • Citizen activity (tools for debate contribution).


You have 2 options to join EnsadLab SociableMedia for 2014.
This year we are offering 3 positions.
(Application opened from May 6th to June 2nd)

  1. Apply for EnsadLab SociableMedia:
    EnsadLab, admission
    EnsadLab, programs

      • You have a master in design or software development, with ideally a previous experience with design research theory and practice. You are willing to discover research through design, you will contribute to ongoing SociableMedia’s research projects in interaction design.
      • You have a master in design, with a foundation in design research theory and practice. You have a research project aligned with SociableMedia program’s interest. A secured funding is a plus.


  2. Apply for EnsadLab SociableMedia + SACRe.
    PSL Sacre, admission
    PSL Sacre, information
    SACRe is the doctoral program of PSL University of which Ensad is a member. Applying to one EnsadLab program is required to enter SACRe through EnsadLab. SACRe is a fully funded PhD.

Sociable Media (like all the EnsadLab research groups) is a post-master program. If you want to join the EnsadLab SociableMedia research program to start a PhD (3 years), you can additionally apply to: SACRe; a CIFRE contract; or a PHD program through an other university. Each of these three possibilities can also be build during your first year within our program.


Remy Bourganel

Graduated in product design and self-taught in interaction and service design, I am practicing as a researcher, strategist and facilitator through both a professional and academic path.

My main interest is in using digital technology to develop people’s creativity, autonomy and empathy through augmenting their perception, expression and reflexivity potential. I nurture a special interest in ‘imaginaire’ as generative framework for designers as well as in design fiction and design for debate.

I started exploring new territories for digital technologies in 1995, while designing with Atau Tanaka (Apple/Ircam) one of the world’s first gesture interface making one’s body a music instrument, breaking boundaries between disciplines, awarded janus de l’étudiant by Stefano Marzano, head of Philips Design.

I worked for Alcatel, AirLiquid, Roland Moreno Tech and headed an advanced design studio for Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, an exploratory design research studio for Nokia, Orange, and the design activity of Orange Vallée.

Although french born, I consider myself as a world citizen. I traveled/experienced 40 countries.

In 2009, I was proposed by Ensad to open a research program in EnsadLab and partnered with Etienne Mineur to co-founded IDM (mobile digital identities) now Sociable Media.

LinkedIn | Twitter | Slideshare | LeMonde | French interaction designers



Jeremy Boy

Graphic / Interaction / Motion design… I studied all these interesting things at EnsAD (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) for five years, before becoming an independent designer, and now, a second year PhD Student, running around different labs all over Paris (the price to pay for doing an interdisciplinary thesis). I am enrolled at Telecom ParisTech & EnsadLab, but I spend most of my time within the Aviz team at INRIA. My PhD supervisors are Françoise Detienne (Telecom ParisTech) & Jean-Daniel Fekete (Aviz / INRIA) and I have two extra tutors, Remy Bourganel & Etienne Mineur, within the EnsadLab IDM team. My thesis will be in Information & Communication Sciences, and the topic is about creating engaging visualizations for the people.



Max Mollon

Interaction designer and researcher. Since 2012 my PhD research focuses on how to use design as a speculative tool for public engagement. I analyse the way design can be considered and used as a means to stimulate discussions about the value and impact of emerging practices that happen at the interplay of science, technology and society. In particular, I study the characteristics of design fiction and speculative design in bringing forward desirable unknowns. The technologies that reshape the way we feel together despite distance are also a focus of my work. Formerly masters from HEAD–GenevaMedia Design program and currently PhD Candidate at SACRe PSL, EnsadLab/ Sociable Media, and Telecom ParisTech/ Codesign & Media Studies Lab. Some of my projects have been exhibited at the Milano furniture fair (2010, 2011), Lift Conference (2010, 2013) and Biennale Internationale du Design de St Etienne (2013). – PhD Supervision: Annie Gentes / Emmanuel Mahé / Remy Bourganel.




Louis Eveillard

For the Master’s degree in graphic design and typography at Ésad in Amiens (France), I developed a project exploring the ability of mobile devices to track and record personal informations. Creating visualisations for this large set of data has become increasingly necessary to keep it manageable, and what we can learn from them could be invaluable. This project (published in the magazine étapes: 209) led me to study interaction design and generative design, two fields I am passionate about. I am currently a freelance graphic and interaction designer in Paris, and a research student at EnsadLab Sociable Media.

portfolio / design & research blog



Emeline Brulé

Graduated of a master in design and typography at ERG (École de Recherche Graphique, Brussels, Belgium), I joined EnsadLab/ Sociable Media in september 2013 after working as a freelancer in interactive design. I have been focusing. on writing / publishing interfaces and the way technologies shape our way of thinking and telling stories. I am currently working on two research projects, one on behavioral objects and speechless communication, one on a tool designed for developing digital editions.



Jeremie Lasnier

After high school I spent a year in Bordeaux to learn more about applied art, graphic design & visual communication. I then joined the school of Fine Arts in Angers in product & interior design specialization. I continued my studies in Geneva, in the Master Media Design at HEAD—Geneva, for finally join the research program Sociable Media at EnsadLab in Paris. My work is focused around the displacement of digital elements in the physical world and on how game mechanics can be used to create smart objects or digital interfaces. I also conduct research around quantified self (recording data on the human body) to find how to motivate, stimulate and engage users to perform activities in the long term.




Pauline Gourlet

After a few enriching years studying law, I got interested in design. Designing objects, designing books, designing identities, designing ways of interacting with others, designing process and concepts… In five years at EnsAD, I considered a lot of different aspects of the design process. I graduated in 2013 and I now carry on the research I began on education matters. My focus is about the paths one can make between digital and tangible objects and the new cognition models and new uses those paths allow, in particular for education purposes. These research is based on observations I make from my experience as a teacher in elementary schools. Beside my research I also work as a freelance graphic-designer but I intend this practice and my research to be connected closely. For example, I now work with the MediaLab at Sciences-Po on controversies cartographies, or for the CNAP on a pedagogical kit to initiate high-schools students to graphic design.


Ferdinand Dervieux

I’m a graphic and interaction designer graduated from EnsAD-Paris. For my diploma I made a series of projects mixing digital and paper objects (books, engravings, posters, cards) and then co-founded Parallèles Éditions, to publish them. Since November 2012 I also experiment the relations between digital and tangible objects by working as a freelance game and graphic designer at Volumique (founded by Etienne Mineur). I started the Sociable Media program at EnsadLab on October 2013 and work on various topics such as quantified self, augmented books and education.


Sarah Garcin

After four years, studying graphic design at the Fine Art School in Rennes, I was graduated in 2014 from EnsAD-Paris. For my diploma, I worked on free and open-source software and sharing knowledge, creating an application for collaboratively taking-notes.I also worked for 2 years with g-u-i, a graphic design studio, working on websites and interactive devices. My research is based on documentation tools, free softwares, and commons.

Contribution through seminars or in projects

Annie Gentes, professor, InfoCom, Telecom Paris
Jean-Baptiste Labrune, PhD, HCI, MIT MediaLab affiliate
Stéphane Hugon, PhD, sociology of ‘imaginaires’, Eranos, CEAQ
Nicolas Nova, PhD, HCI, near future lab



Boezennec Kevin, 2009-2011
Chirol Pascal, 2009-2010
Deloison Florent, 2009-2010
Dorne Geoffrey, 2009-2011
De Quatrebarbes Marie, 2009-2010
Roman Hauduroy Marion, 2011-2011
Serrault David, 2009-2011
Sovignet Audrey, 2011-2012