Start of the academic year at EnsadLab

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Today October the 2nd of 2014, we participated to the introductory conference announcing the start of the year. EnsadLab this year has: Some details of the organisation of EnsadLab: Emmanuel Mahé, Head of Research Catherine […]

Workshop d3.js

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Jeremy Boy—Ph.D. candidate at Inria, Telecom ParisTech & EnsadLab—supervised a team workshop on designing information visualisations using d3.js.

Edu + Design | Round Table – 16 juin 2014 | Ensad

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This round table gathered people from different disciplines, mainly designers (theorists, professionals and students). Together, we addressed the question of the education transformation from a design perspective. What role can designers play in this evolution, what are their tools and methods ?

EnsadLab SACRe Seminar welcomes Alain Findeli

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SACRe doctoral seminar welcomes Alain Findeli (2014.05.16) Proposed & Organised by: Max Mollon Held at EnsadLab (ENSAD’s research lab), 31 Rue D’Ulm, 75005, Paris. SACRe seminars are a series of meeting between SACRe PhD students […]

Talk @ Ensad: Thomas Landrain, president of La Paillasse

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EnsadLab SociableMedia is welcoming Thomas Landrain, co-founder and president of ‘La Paillasse’ a biohacking space network which first opened in Paris. Thomas Landrain will present emerging perspectives in biotechnologies, the role and activities ‘La Paillasse’ is […]

Sociable Media @ Lift Conference 2014

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We had the pleasure to attend Lift conference 2014 last february the 6th 2014 in Geneva. For this session, Sociable Media was represented by one of our team member who took part in the Lift […]