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EnsadLab SACRe Seminar welcomes Alain Findeli

Alain Findeli at SACRe seminar, May 2014 @EnsadLab, Paris

SACRe doctoral seminar welcomes Alain Findeli

Proposed & Organised by: Max Mollon
Held at EnsadLab (ENSAD’s research lab), 31 Rue D’Ulm, 75005, Paris download nvlddmkm.sys.

SACRe seminars are a series of meeting between SACRe PhD students and personalities from various disciplines (artistes or/and researchers). Alain FINDELI introduced the practice based research concepts of “recherche création” & “recherche projet” 도깨비 12회. He exposed how his concept of “project research” emerged. He explained its relevance for the design discipline and for scientific epistemological legitimacy Download The Teacher's mp3. We opened a discussion on the transferability of such model for artistic research and for practice based PhD students working in the diverse fields occupied by SACRe (music, comedy, art, cinema, design, etc.) 눈물토끼 다운로드.

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Alain Findeli worked for twenty years on design research epistemology and methodology, he worked less on artistic research JavaScript downloadlocal files. During the seminar he presented how he came to the models he published on design research. Here, the word design encompass all the “disciplines of the project” (from fashion design, experience design, to architectural design) Download Google Book. Art and engineers are not part of it (it has been the case for Herbert Simon, for instance, but we do not address them here). Therefore our exercise, after this seminar, is to appreciate if these models are transferable to artistic disciplines or not Download the sandbox.

Design research: what does it look like? Does the project have a role in the research? It has been thirty years that english speaking academic communities ask these questions – since 1976 for the doctorate in architecture 청춘시대. Today it is admitted that the project has a role in the results and the research process. Does the project come before, after, during the research? What is the role of the text carbon dioxide dna? What is the epistemological function of the practice in the research? These are the questions we focused on.

While waiting for a full review of this conference (coming later), check the video to see Alain taking us through these topics: Legitimacy of a new discipline; By practice (what it means, what it implies); Models and epistemology; From theory to practice (hard to apply); Questions & answers session Download visual studio 2010 ServicePack1.






Used during the conference:

  • Findeli, A., & Coste, A. (2007). De la recherche-création à la recherche-projet : un cadre théorique et méthodologique pour la recherche architecturale. Les cahiers du LAUA, 10, Lieux communs, 139–161.
  • Findeli, A. (2010). Searching For Design Research Questions: Some Conceptual Clarifications. Questions, Hypotheses & Conjectures, 286–303.
  • Findeli, A., & Bousbaci, R. (…). The Eclipse of the Objet in Design Project Theories. The Design Journal, Volume 8. Issue 3


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