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Sociable Media, formely IDM


EnsadLab Sociable Media is an interaction design research group from EnsadLab Download Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2. The focus of this research program is on ‘sociable media’ as an interim object in an ‘empathic society’ (J.Rifkin), as a cathalyst of our relationships with people and places 크리스마스의 악몽 더빙. In this context, the invention of new relationship forms is an essential stake, aiming at improving the connexion qualities linking people to information and environment, rather than to improve efficiency or productivity 재팬월드컵. Our approach focuses on the potential of perception, expression and reflexitivity towards the development of creativity, autonomy, empathy. We’re particularly interested in studying usages transformation and people’s motivations as well as exploring emerging usage forms and their socialization potential, technology being a mean 하마 치.


As a research group in the domain of interaction design, we’re assuming a research by design positioning (W 원기 날씨. Gaver). Our research is conducted by the design practice, through an abductive reasoning, in 2 positions within Fallman’s triangle (Fallman D): ‘Design practice’, real project, in collaboration with the industry, and ‘Exploratory design’, fictional projects, critical projects 롤리팝 앱 다운로드. fallman-triangle Interaction design being at the junction of the experience design disciplines, especially social sciences and computer science, we conduct our research in collaboration with laboratories from computer science, information and communication science, sociology, anthropoholy fluid player 다운로드. The applied research activity is developed with the relevant design methods and grounded on a theoretical curriculum, through readings and seminars introducing concepts from sociology of ‘imaginaire’, information and communication science, semiotics, cognitive psychology, and research methods 깃허브에서 파일 다운로드.

Our research topics

  • Design critique/presence and interpersonal communication forms
  • Design critique/wearables and happiness
  • Design critique/mis-habeviors of animated objects, in collaboration with EnsadLab DIIP & MIT MediaLab Tangible Media Group
  • Design exploration/Learning by design & empathy and collaboration in education
  • Design exploration/Quantified-self & happiness
  • Design exploration/Civic engagement in usage of data through data visualization
  • Design exploration/Tangible interfaces for information and social relationship
  • Design exploration/wikipedia with 3 levels to faciliate engagement

Interaction design, service design Download Excel 2007. Exploratory design/research through design, design probes, design critic, reflexive practice. Digital anthropology, observations, behavior, contextualization, societal impact abap 파일 다운로드. Aiming at exploring the extension of perception, expression, reflexivity, creativity, autonomy, empathy through digital technologies. Workshop, prototyping, proof of concept and field study, publication.


  • Idex Paris sciences & letters (PSL)
  • Telecom ParisTech (social sciences/information & communication science)
  • Pierre-Gilles de Gennes foundation, Paris
  • CEAQ, Sorbonne, Paris
  • MIT MediaLab Tangible Media Group
  • CRI (Centre de Recherche Inter-disciplinaire) Paris

Researchers , professors, and experts

Direction, coordination:

  • Remy Bourganel (professor/researcher, Ensad)

Associated experts:

  • Annie Gentes (doctor, infocom, Telecom Paris, information and communication science/CMU/Stanford)
  • Jean-Baptiste Labrune (doctor, computer science, MIT/MediaLabs, BellLabs Paris)
  • Etienne Mineur (interaction designer, Editions Volumiques, Paris)
  • Stephane Hugon (doctor, sociology of ‘imaginaire’, CEAQ, Eranos, Paris)
  • Nicolas Nova (doctor, anthropology, NearFutureLab, professor, Head, Geneva)

Our portfolio (PDF)



remy.bourganel[at]ensad.fr http://sociablemedia.ensadlab.fr If you are searching for the previous research cycle from this group—from 2009 to 2012—check IDM (Digital Identity & Mobility).



The Sociable Media team attends and participates to several event in the interaction design domain and design research community. Here are a selection of them.

Lift13 IXDA Exhibition of our projects at Orange designers contest, Lieu du design (Paris) All pictures cc Max Mollon