L’atelier des chercheurs
The Researchers Workshop

Design Research – Experiments
Learning through research: what methods and what tools?

The documentation module after class.

For a year, Pauline Gourlet conducted a workshop in an elementary school in Paris, where she initiated kids to design practice. Many experiments took place during those workshops sessions to elaborate a “learning through research” methodology. Students adopted a systematic way of working: observe, analyse, experiment and publish.

At the end of the first semester, students produced a book, Notre école en beaucoup mieux, where they expressed their visions for tomorrow’s school. Each kid had a double page to compose and they used words and images to describe their projects. This project has been done with Juliette Mancini, graphic designer fellow from L’hydre collectif.


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Then, with Juliette, Louis and Ferdinand, another experiment to document and archive students work has been done. A web plateform coupled with an artefact to take pictures has been created and several interface iterations has been developed and tested with the kids.
This tool is called La publication des chercheurs (Researchers Publication).

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This workshop also took place during the DDays exhibition in may 2014.