Design researcher tools (Cartography + Timeline)

You’ll find here the material, under a creative commons license and opened to your contributions, resulting from our seminar about Design Research, lead by Jean-Baptiste Labrune.

  • A map exploring where design research happens (by academicians, practitioners and explorers)
  • A timeline presenting the history of interactive design

Cartographie de la recherche en design

Access here:

About the Cartography:

The landscape of the places, research departments, practitioners or explorators involved in contemporary research by, for and about design in France and Europe. This map, necessarily imperfect, attempts to give an insight of the complex territory formed by design and research, at the fronteer of design culture, science of design, artistic explorations and of methods and studies taking design as a field.

About the Timeline:

This timeline is designed as a window into the history of interactive design, for students or new practitioners. Designers don’t often know much about the history of their discipline, as there is a lack of easily accessible, short and condensed material allowing to get a grasp of this complex field.