Sense your friends despite the distance



Pre-sense proposes to take an offbeat posture regarding remote presence in mobile communication tools. 
An analysis of these notions, “presence”, “attention” and “shared spaces”, allowed us to create an interface generation tool.
 Using this tool we created several prototypes addressing different problematics (three of them are shown here). Collaboration EnsadLab / BellLabs.

YEAR: 2012 | LOCATION Paris, EnsadLab | PROJECT SCOPE: Analysis, idea generation, concept development, AfterEffect animation editing | COLLABORATION: Remy Bourganel, Etienne Mineur (Ensad supervisors). 
Frédérique Pain, Jean-Baptiste Labrune (Bell Labs supervisors). Audrey Sovignet, Jeremy Boy (collaborators)


How to evoke the presence of a close one despite distance, thanks to non-vebalized mediated interactions?

close ones: My work focuses on one to one relationship between close ones, and on evoking a “presence” feeling despite distance, thanks to subtiles, futiles and non-explicit means.

Definitions: After a theoretical analysis, here is our definition of presence. “Sharing of a common time and space” + sharing of attention. (1)
Therefore, we define remote presence as: “a mutual devotion in a shared time and (virtual) space”.


Analysis settled on these definitions:
• Sub-division of different shared space metaphors,
• Use of these sub-divisions as interactive bricks,
• Use of this pallet as a generative tool for new communication interfaces.



Example: Here is an example of shared space generated thanks to this tool. Setting every parameters allows to create metaphors (table, hole, glass…) and a various qualities of experiences.


Interface generator: We created several prototypes from this pallet, here are two of them proposing a non-explicit form of presence, using a shared time and space: Merge and “La codre”


• “La corde” (the rope) is a mobile application linking two relatives thanks to a virtual string. The “Corde” mode allows to call for attention, “Poulie” allows to attach on your side a present, waiting for the other to pull the rope, “Elastsique” connects the geo-localization of the users. The closer they get, the lower the sound made by swiping the string will be.

La corde (Pre-sense) from Max Mollon on Vimeo.

Merge is an haptic illusion application, it merge the two phones. The presence of the hand on one phone is expressed on the back of the phone of the other.

Merge (Pre-sense) from Max Mollon on Vimeo.

Compass forces you to exactly face your friend—as far as he is—to reach each other by SMS, it encourages the correspondents to think to the other’s context. The Browse mode allows to search among your favorite friends. Sometimes, founding that a friend is unusually far, becomes a good opportunity to start a conversation !

Presense-maxmollon2012-Compas app-00_o

Presense-maxmollon2012-Compas app-02_o

Compas (Pre-sense) from Max Mollon on Vimeo.

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