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In the meantime, feel free to check out our 2013 Portfolio.


Peopleviz is a research project on casual users’ engagement with online information visualizations. As a response to the data-saturation of our occidental societies, information visualization (Infovis) is spreading on the Web. Lead by design, research, […]


Design researcher tools (Cartography + Timeline)

You’ll find here the material, under a creative commons license and opened to your contributions, resulting from our seminar about Design Research, lead by Jean-Baptiste Labrune. A map exploring where design research happens (by academicians, […]


Slowscreen | Interpersonal calm technology

Slowscreen is a research in progress by Louis Eveillard and Pauline Gourlet. Slowscreen is a black capacitive fabric screen, reactive to the skin temperature. Embedded in the home — furnitures, walls, pillows or curtains — […]


Pres-Sense | Sense your friends despite the distance

Abstract Pre-sense proposes to take an offbeat posture regarding remote presence in mobile communication tools. 
An analysis of these notions, “presence”, “attention” and “shared spaces”, allowed us to create an interface generation tool.
 Using this […]