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Sociable Media Welcomes Margaret Gould Stewart

Margaret Gould Stewart with Sociable Media Researchers, April 2014 @EnsadLab, Paris

Margaret Gould Stewart, Director of Product Design at Facebook have been invited by Remy Bourganel to visit our school EnsAD and for a presentation of projects of our research group Sociable Media on April the 2nd 윈도우 사진 뷰어.

After going through the various workshops of the school (wood, metal, 3D printing, etc.) accompanied by Remy Bourganel and Jean-Baptiste Labrune, Margaret visited us at EnsadLab 티몬 쿠폰. We presented different research areas and issues of the group as well as a selection of projects.

What projects have we shown 한국어 인도네시아어 사전?

Starting with projects related to health and well-being, by recording personal data to develop different communication channels and engage users to perform daily activities cemu hook. Jérémie presented Folo, one of our last project realized with Ferdinand Dervieux, a concept of coaching platform which sends to users simple messages related to his data on his smartphone by combining different kinds of notifications (we will present in few weeks Folo on our website), this project have been presented the eve before at Numa during a conference around Quantified Self Brittle Gargantia.


To stay on the same problematics of motivation and engagement Jérémie presented PadPad, his master’s project, a smart cushion which records different movement of our body on the sitting position 세븐나이츠 pc. This object allow people to monitor there physical activity, make exercices and play video game.

We continued the presentation with Habsense, the project won a Bronze Award during Samsung Design Awards last April, Louis has highlighted how notifications were redefined in the project Download the movie Greenbook. The idea is to get closer to the body, having intimate relationships remotely, smooth communication with small smart modules that could vibrate, emitting light or heat. The challenges of the project is the creation of poetic experience mixing technology and emotions 서유기전.


Margaret Gould Stewart 2

Margaret Gould Stewart 3

After some exchanges, Jean Baptiste Labrune highlighting our creative process combining theory and practical work, it was an opportunity for us to present the tools we created during the year: the Nala Platform, the cartography of interaction design research and  the timeline tracing the history of interaction design 한컴오피스 2014 체험판.

Emelyne presented also the project Misbehavior organized with an other research group from EnsadLab (Reflective Interaction) and the Tangible Media group from Mit Media Lab microsoft visual c++ 2005 redistributable. The project is focused around human emotions to simulate how these behaviors could be integrated in animated objects. How to give the feeling that such an object have a personality.

Emeline Brulé

We wanted to expose our design process through these projects to understand that we are not starting from an object that we connect but a problem, a use case that leads to the achievement of tangible or digital interface.

It was for us a great satisfaction to meet Margaret who was very attentive to our presentations and be able to compare and share our research work with a person of her experience.