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Start of the academic year at EnsadLab


Today October the 2nd of 2014, we participated to the introductory conference announcing the start of the year. EnsadLab this year has:

Some details of the organisation of EnsadLab:
Emmanuel Mahé, Head of Research
Catherine Renoux, Assistant Head of Research
Christophe Pornay, Head Technician, EnsadLab
15 École des Arts Déco instructors (contact details in the program presentations)
50 student-researchers: École des Arts Déco students (including scholarship students), doctoral students, and post-doctoral students
Approximately 50 regular contributors: artists, designers, scientists, and experts.

2014-10-02-EnsadLab_rentree-03 2014-10-02-EnsadLab_rentree-04 2014-10-02-EnsadLab_rentree-05

More information:
Photo by Max Mollon: www.flickr.com/photos/maxmollon