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Jeremy Boy—Ph.D. candidate at Inria, Telecom ParisTech & EnsadLab—supervised a team workshop on designing information visualisations using d3.js. During the workshop, Jeremy briefly introduced the history of information visualization (InfoVis), presented the most commonly used types of graphical representations, and initiated participants to the d3 javascript library.

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The following visualizations were made by our team members the second day of the workshop.


Song history from the last six years

Author: Louis Eveillard

Data: Six years of listening to spotify and lastfm.

Encoding: The visualization uses a matrix approach, where rows encode hours of the day, columns encode days of the recorded time-period, and cells encode the different songs in the dataset. We can see patterns of everyday life appearing, with sleep being the wide blank space in the horizontal top third of the graph.


Last 6 years of Louis' life in music.
Last 6 years of Louis’ life in music.

Analytics visualization

Author: Ferdinand Dervieux

Data: Month-long data from Google Analytics

Encoding: The data is displayed as a barchart where each day of data is encoded as a vertical rectangle. User visits are displayed in a darker shade of yellow while page views are shown in bright yellow. Hovering on those rectangles give precise information about the number of users visiting a website at that precise moment.


Ferdinand’s Google Analytics data displayed as bar charts to compare user’s visits and pageviews.


Photos taken during the two-day workshop, at EnsAD Paris.


workshop-d3-photos-1-2 workshop-d3-photos-2 workshop-d3-photos-3